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Limited Collection "Calmer Days"

Limited Collection "Calmer Days"

"Calmer Days" Is a series of small original watercolor and metallic ink on paper. Only 10 were made for this collection. 5 with a blue color scheme and 5 with a blush/pink color scheme. 

The inspiration for this collection came during the covid-19 pandemic, where I was looking for ways to hide the "noise" and find a calming place. Experimenting with soothing pastel watercolors and gold ink took me back to a place from my childhood where I felt happy without a worry in the world.




Each line art drawing communicates what I am feeling in the moment of creation like an abstract memory.  Without an idea of what the end piece will look like, I let my hand move with the ink and guide the direction of the organic flow. Sometimes the lines are calm and peaceful while others can turn out expressive and rough. The exciting part and what I love the most about my lines is the unknown. I never know how they will turn out, and not one will come out the same. Each tells its own story; in a way, they are abstract photographs of my thoughts and emotions during my artistic process.

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Original Art

All works below are hand made originals. By purchasing, you are receiving a unique piece of art. If you have any questions about a particular piece, feel free to contact me.


I truly believe that art has the power to bring joy into people's lives and promote curiosity and conversation. These prints are a way for me to make my artwork more accessible.


Browse my discounted pieces of art. These works of art have been discounted because they might have a small imperfection or they were a fun experimental project.

Some say that artwork imperfections are what make the piece more unique and beautiful. Some may never notice the imperfections at all. These have all been made with love and still are worthy of a good home.